Another retailer bans patio heatrers

Posted: 6 February 2008

The decison by the do-it-yourself retailer, B&Q, to ban patio heaters has been welcomed by environmental pressure groups. B&Q is the biggest retailer of patio heaterds in the UK.

The decision is a victory for environmental campaign group, Friends of the Earth which has been urging companies to stop selling patio heaters for a number of years> It is now calling on the government to ban them as part of its efforts to cut UK carbon dioxide emissions.

Last year both Notcutts and Wyevale garden centres said they would stop selling gas or electric patio heaters once their existing stock was sold.

The Energy Savings Trust has estimated that a propane patio heater with a heat output of 12.5kW will produce around 34.9kg of CO2 before the fuel runs out (after approximately 13 hours). This is equivalent to the energy required to produce approximately 5,200 cups of tea (or 400 cups for every hour of operation).

Note: UK Carbon dioxide emissions have risen under the present government. The Government is currently piloting its Climate Change Bill through Parliament. The Bill will require legally-binding cuts in UK emissions of 60 per cent by 2050. Environmetnal grou;ls want the bill to require 80 per cent carbon dioxide cuts by 2050, and include Britain's share of international shipping and aviation emissions.