Deep Economy

Economics as if the World Mattered

Posted: 1 November 2007

Author: Bill McKibben. Oneworld Publications, Oxford, 2007. £16.99

Challenging the prevailing wisdom that economic growth is equal to economic success, McKibben argues that the world doesn't have enough natural resources to sustain such endless expansion.

Deep Economy book jacket
Deep Economy book jacket
Rather then promoting economic expansion - a mindset that has brought the world to the brink of environmental disaster - we should concentrate on creating localized economies, and change the things we buy, the food we eat, the energy we use, and the money that pays for it all. Offering a realistic, if challenging, scenario for a hopeful future, he eloquently shows that the more we nurture the essential humanity of our economy, the more we will recapture our own.

Bill McKibben, ex-staff writer for The New Yorker and author of The End of Nature, is an American environmentalist and writer focusing on global warming, alternative energy, and the risks associated with human genetic engineering.

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