The Atlas of Water

Mapping the world's most critical resource

Posted: 22 June 2004

Author: Robin Clarke and Jannet King
Earthscan, 2004, £12.99 (On-line discounted price £11.69)

Today more than a billion people are without safe drinking water. By 2050, almost half the world's population will face severe water shortages, warn the authors of this title.

Cover for Atlas of Water
Cover for Atlas of Water
The planet is running out of fresh water at such a rate that soon it will be the most valuable commodity on earth. This crucial and timely atlas shows water distribution worldwide and considers a future where privatization and profit dictate availability.

With snapshots of vulnerable areas - such as Bangladesh, California, Mexico City and the Middle East - as well the global picture, this is a unique resource for general readers as well as policy makers and students.

It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Water scarcity and dependency
  • Groundwater mining
  • Wastewater use and desalination
  • Contamination and disease
  • Floods and droughts
  • Sanitation and human health
  • Commercial and international conflicts
  • Hydropower, dams and irrigation
  • Water harvesting and conservation