Military spending

Posted: 4 August 2004

World military expenditures in 2004 totalled $1,100 billion - anincrease from $839 billion in 2001 - almost $3 billion a day.

  • The United States accounted for $623 billion of the spending, followed by China, ($65 billion), Russia ($50 billion), France ( $45billion) and the UK ($43 billion). The United States is now the world's sole military colossus, accounting for 36 per cent of all military spending. Nations deemed to be "rogue states" by the US account for less than three per cent of global spending. (p.118)

  • Resource-related conflicts of the late 1990s killed more than 5 million people and displaced 17- 21 million.

  • In per capita terms, the highest spenders were Israel, $1,429.03 per person, Singapore, $1,009.94, United States, $935.64, New Caledonia, $888.25, Brunei: $885.43 and Kuwait: $842.17 per person.

  • In Eritrea, Burundi, and Pakistan, military spending equals or surpasses combined public expenditures for health and education.

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