Tetra Pak launches massive recycling campaign in Pakistan

Posted: 12 May 2003

Tetra Pak, the leading packaging company, has launched a massive nationwide recycling campaign in Pakistan entitled "Proud Pakistanis Recycle".

With a pilot project starting in Lahore, the campaign includes a recycling message aimed at raising awareness, a collection of used Tetra Pak cartons from schools and market places for recycling. Recycled cartons will be made into furniture and donated to underprivileged schools. As part of the promotion, Tetra Pak is requesting consumers to deposit 20 empty packs of Tetra Pak and get a free filled juice or milk pack.

Tetra Pak is also providing over 100 leading schools with waste collection bins made from used Tetra Pak cartons. Empty juice and milk will be collected for re-pulping by Packages, a recycling company. The recycled material, in turn, will be converted into furniture to be donated to under-privileged schools and hospitals in the city, while the rest will be re-pulped for re-use in the paper industry.

"Tetra Pak's One Step Ahead programme aims to make each market company an environmental leader," says Tetra Pak's Marketing Director Khaled Ismail. "We want to set environmental directions for the packaging industry and recycling remains a priority because in many countries it is a requirement from society, our customers, consumers, and/or government in the form of legislation," adds Mr Ismail.

"The objective of the campaign," in the words of Rauf Hameed, Communications and Environment Manager Tetra Pak, "is to provide clean and healthy living environment to the people of Pakistan, to help the government manage waste, and to promote small and medium enterprises in the recycling industry for employment generation and poverty alleviation."

Tetra Pak is launching the campaign in collaboration with Pakistan's Ministry of Environment, Local Government and Rural Development, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Green Earth Recycling Plant, Packages and Waste Busters.

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