Understanding soils

Posted: 10 February 2003

Author: Gillian Dorfman and Sharon Kahkonen
OUTREACH Series, 2002

This is the latest in the excellent OUTREACH Series of environmental materials for the use of media, community groups and educators.

One of five OUTREACH packs on soils, this 116-page introductory pack looks at the factors which influence soil formation, and the characteristics of soils. The other four packs look at soil erosion, soil degradation, principles if improving soil, and trees for soil and people.

As with other titles, it is packed with illustrated questions and answers, activity ideas and teachers notes.

A project of the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE), OUTREACH packs are supplied free-of charge, either as printed materials or as downloaded files from the OUTREACH website, to people in low and middle income countries who can 'multiply' the messages they contain.