Food for All

Can hunger be halved?

Posted: 23 May 2002

Author: John Madeley
Panos Institute, London, 2001, £5.00

This excellent booklet examines why there are still nearly 800 million people in the world suffering from chronic hunger and argues that existing trade agreements may be undermining the poorest countries' efforts to boost rural development and reduce poverty and hunger.

Food for All looks at the barriers to providing enough food for each person in the world. Its author, John Madeley, points out that although food production overall has risen in the past few decades, the rate of increase is levelling off and growing the extra food that is needed over the next few decades will be a severe challenge, as there is little additional land and water available.

There is increasing consensus that most hungry people are hungry because of poverty, ot because too little food has been produced, and the report asks whether trade liberalisation is helping or hindering the world in feeding its people.