Private Planet

Corporate plunder and the fight back

Posted: 8 May 2002

Author: David Cromwell

Author Info: Jon Carpenter Publishing, Oxford, England, September 2001, £12.99

A transfer of power from citizens to undemocratic institutions and private corporations is taking place all over the world - by stealth, says David Cromwell.


This "economic globalisation" is being sold to the public by politicians and the business community as "inevitable". This is not the case, believes the author. He looks at how and why globalisation is opposing the development of an ecologically sustainable and equitable society, and at what can be done to turn this around.

The book covers topical issues such as job insecurity, genetically modified food, and climate change. The diverse - yet interlinked - chapters argue that the necessary radical changes in culture, lifestyle and consumption are being hindered by powerful corporate and political forces. Eliminating poverty, ensuring social justice, and protecting the environment can only be achieved by eco-reform, or even scrapping and replaceing the regulatory frameworks, institutions and operations which are currently ruining the planet's natural systems and human societies.

But the book's message is ultimately one of hope. Around the world, thousands of alternative social and environmental movements are gathering force - a 'mosquito cloud' of popular resistance to the hegemony of globalisation.

Reviewer: John Madeley

Reviewer Info: John Madeley is a writer and broadcaster with a special interest in trade and sustainable agriculture.