An Overcrowded World?

Posted: 22 April 2002

Author: Rob Bowden
Hodder Wayland, London, 2002, £12.99

This children's guide - one of an excellent series of 21st Century Debates - is aimed at 11 to 16-year-old schoolchildren. It looks at the impact of human population growth on the planet and how this could affect our future. Over the last fifty years the world's population has more than doubled. According to some experts, our ever-increasing demands will eventually exhaust the earth's supplies of fuel, water and food.

coverOther experts argue that, as our numbers rise, scientists will develop new ways to sustain the human race without harming the environment. In An Overcrowded World? Rob Bowden examines the facts about population growth and its effects on the environment. He also considers what lies ahead. Could we make room for more people by sharing the planet's resources more equally? Or should we try to stop population growth now before it is too late?