Natural capitalism: the next industrial revolution

Posted: 24 July 2001

Author: Paul Hawken, Amory B. Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins
Earthscan, London, £18.99

This long-awaited successor to The Ecology of Commerce and Factor Four attempts to provide a shared framework that could "harness the talent of business to solve the world's deepest environmental and social problems."

This, the authors explain, goes far beyond the pursuit of eco-efficiency to incorporate reinforcing principles of economic, social and environmental policy.

This is an ambitious and stimulating book with plenty of down-to-earth examples of the payoff which this new approach to business can bring. It sees a hopeful future in a world that values the natural capital of resources, living systems and ecosystem services just as much as human, financial and manufactured capital. It is a change in direction, they believe, that will dominate the 21st century and which is not only necessary, but possible and practical. Captains of industry please note.