10. Gaza under siege

Posted: 29 June 2001

One of the most densely populated places on earth, the Gaza Strip is home to a million Palestinians - and is a virtual prison. Just 43 kms long and 10 kms wide, most of its residents are refugees who have lived in camps since 1948.

Since the Palestinian uprising - the second Intifada - began in September 2000, none of Gaza's 40,000 day labourers have been able to cross the border to Israel. The checkpoint is also closed to all goods and medical supplies coming in from Israel and the West Bank.

This film follows Reyidh and Sabah and their children - just one refugee family trying to cope. Reyidh hasn't been able to work for nine months, and is now US$3,000 in debt. Already poor, the family has reached breaking point, with Sabah wondering how long life can go on with no solution in sight.

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