3. The Health Protestors

Posted: 29 June 2001

Twenty five years ago, the World Health Organization's Alma Ata conference promised to deliver basic health care for all the world's people, under the clarion cry of 'Health for All'. Today, that promise remains unmet in many countries and cities of the developing world where health is still the prerogative of wealthy elites - and the poor remain trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty and ill-health.

Frustrated by the failure of the international community to deliver on its promises of health care, doctors, health professionals and civil rights activists from around the world convened in Dhaka in December 2000 at the People's Health Assembly. Their mission - to draw up a charter of their own demands for health care - framed in a new and radical People's Health Charter.

This third episode in City Life follows the process from a 50,000 rally in Calcutta, through heated debates with World Bank representatives in Dhaka and argumentative late-night drafting sessions to the final triumphant publication of the Charter on the final day of the Assembly.

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