State of the Planet

Posted: 28 March 2001

Five times since life began mass extinctions have rocked the planet, but is the world heading for the greatest extinction yet? State of the Planet puts puts this question to the test in an excellent three-part series produced by the BBC and presented by David Attenborough.

Attenborough makes a personal study of the impact that humans are having on the natural world and investigates the five main causes of damage, mainly resulting from over-population and cover These include: habitat loss, introduced species, pollution, over-harvesting and fragmentation.

With the world's leading experts, Attenborough asks whether nature really is in a crisis of species extinction. His quest takes him on a global trail, from Kenya to Ecuador, from the Philippines and the Maldives to Easter Island, and from South Africa to California - visiting habitats of threatened species and exploring ways in which life can be sustained for the future.

State of the Planet is available on video priced £12.99 + delivery charges. To order your copy on-line visit the BBC shop at: (under Nature & Science).