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Posted: 5 February 2001

With the issue of climate change gaining ground in the media, the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) has produced four programmes on climate change, as part of their Earth Report series, (to be broadcast on BBC World this May [2001]).

The first programme entitled, The Science, looks at the science of global warming. The programme begins with an historical account of climate fluctuations by analysis of ice cores, through to the first discovery of the ozone hole in Antarctica and the latest information on climate trends.

The second entitled, The Politics, take a look at what has and has not been done to address climate change from Rio through to Kyoto. The programme talks to big businesses, non-governmental organisations and politicians.

The third programme, The Impact, examines the impact of climate change around the world, for example:

  • the extinction of Golden Toad in Central America
  • the rise in malaria in Highland Ethiopia
  • sea level rise in Chesapeake Bay
  • the decimation of salmon fisheries in Alaska and Canada
  • the increased ferocity of storms and floods in Florida
The fourth and final programme in the series, The Future, takes a look at what the future might hold if the consensus of climate models are correct, and what can be done to slow climate change.

Nick Rance

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