Renewable energy for the village

Posted: 25 January 2001

Renewable energy is critical for the two million people around the world who have no access to electricity, according to the recent Village Power 2000 conference held at the World Bank in Washington DC in December 2000.

The focus of Village Power 2000 was on finding ways to help rural communities get modern,clean energy services. These are needed for boosting incomes, providing better health and education services, and for home use.

A highlight of the conference, attended by 600 delegates, was the unveiling of a "Solar Village" model that powers a health clinic, school, micro-enterprise and home by a wind turbine, solar photovoltaic panels, a micro hydro unit, biomass cookers and battery charging station. The exhibit shows how renewable energy can help poor families by helping to raise family income and improving the quality of life.

The Village Power Conference was sponsored by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), The World Bank, Winrock International, US Agency for International Development, UNDP/World Bank Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme.