Coral Triangle

Posted: 18 October 2000

Dynamited, poisoned, quarried and sold, the coral reefs surrounding the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines are being badly damaged. Directed and produced by Lenora Carey, Coral Triangle, a 52-minute documentary film, assesses the pressures put on the country's most valuable resource by a population of 58 million.

Masked fishermen use cyanide to stun brightly coloured fish for the aquarium trade. Daring divers catch venous sea snakes for their skins: already three species are locally extinct. And in a spectacular underwater sequence, a group of young Filipino boys drive brightly-coloured shoals of fish into huge underwater nets, in the dangerous technique known as maru ami, or chamber-net fishing.

But much could have been done to help sustain the treasures of the reef, the film argues, if importers and tourists observed international regulations on endangered species.

Reviewer: Rob Gill

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