Coastal Zone Management Handbook

Posted: 18 October 2000

Author: John R. Clark
Lewis Publishers, New York, London, Tokyo, 1996, $50.00

This is nothing less than a complete and thorough discussion of what everyone should know about coastal areas by noted marine biologist and author John Clark. It covers virtually every relevant topic in the broad field of coastal area management.

The book is divided into four easy to use sections: Management Strategies; Management Methods; Management Information; and Case Histories. Although intended for use as a text book, its extensive discussion of coastal issues and the rich variety of examples makes this book an excellent reference work.

Since the Handbook covers so much ground, those looking for information on successful management plans for coral reefs need to dig deep. But there are excellent examples of coral reef management programmes in the Case Histories section.

In addition, the book is noteworthy for its extensive discussion on the interlinkages between critical coastal ecosystems - especially mangrove forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs. It should be required reading for anyone concerned with marine issues.

Reviewer: Don Hinrichsen

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