Comment: Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Power of the people

Posted: 17 October 2000

Twenty years ago, Jacques-Yves Cousteau - who died in 1997 after a lifetime of campaigning for the seas - called for a people's crusade to protect them. The words he spoke then still resonate.

coralJacques-Yves Cousteau© The Cousteau SocietyThose of us who love the sea, who recognise the blood relationship of all earth's beings, who see on this Water Planet a growing threat to our most fundamental biological machinery, do not command the money and power of even a single major multinational corporation.

But we can wield the formidable power of our numbers, the strength of a great unified crowd of citizens of the planet...and the most effective weapon we have as citizens - as parents - is the sheer force of our numbers. It is the weaponry of the peacemakers and the common people throughout history...With the support of a massive constituency of concerned people, our demands for new policies to protect the seas, and all of the earth's delicate living systems, would be backed not only by scientific data but by political clout...

For all the darkness that presently confronts us and our descendants, there is no reason to give up. There is every reason to take up the fight, because we have within our grasp the power of the people to force the right decisions. The more people, the more power, the more hope

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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