In Brief

Posted: 22 August 2000

Our Planet, Our HealthWHO, Geneva, 1992.

This report of the WHO Commission on Health and the Environment is the standard reader on the subject. It looks, in particular, at food and agriculture, water, energy, industry, and urbanization. It is available for 20 in developing countries.

Uurban Health in Developing Countries: Progress and ProspectsTrudy Harpham and Marcel Tanner (Eds)Earthscan, London, 1996. £14.95pb

Here are viewpoints from 38 contributors on various aspects of the urban health issue. Heavy going for the general reader, but useful perspectives for those directly concerned.

Beyond the Silent Spring: Integrated Pest Management and Chemical SafetyHelmut F. van Emden and David B. PeakallChapman & Hall, London, 1996, £24.99

Published jointly with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), this is the third book to use 'Silent Spring' in the title and to reappraise Rachel Carson's seminal original - still in print after selling two million copies.

Though based on papers produced at a meeting in Kenya, the authors have produced a lively, readable text which stresses the importance of viewing the whole life-cycle of each chemical released into the environment and its interaction with other processes at various stages as it breaks down.