Chernobyl - Years and Destinies

Posted: 21 August 2000

For Chernobyl - Years and Destinies (1996), Ukrainian Director Georgy Shklyarevsky, revisits the region ten years after the world's worst nuclear accident. His film reveals the devastating effects of the disaster which are set to last well into the next century.

Three million people from 76 'dead' cities, villages and townships have been officially registered victims of Chernobyl. Subjected to a continuous flow of misinformation, many have become refugees; others along with the 356,000 rescue workers have developed debilitating, sometimes fatal, illnesses.


Meanwhile the power station itself continues to function, backed Shklyarevsky claims by foreign aid. Together with the hundreds of humanitarian aid projects set up to help Chernobyl's victims, it consumes between five to eight per cent of the Ukraine's national budget.

Nick Rance

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