Toxic Pizza - Turn-around in Donetsk

Posted: 21 August 2000

Toxic Pizza - Turn-around in Donetsk (1997) was commissioned to provide viewers in the Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics with a vision of a sustainable future.

In eastern Ukraine, the heavily industrialized Donbass region and the city of Donetsk constitute environmental disaster areas. The legacy of the Soviet era is out-dated plants billowing out a cocktail of pollution that has undermined the health of people in the region. But with employment high and raging inflation, Donbass residents are opposed to closing down their oldfactories.

The message of the film is that an investment in cleaner technologies and know-how can bring economic and environmental benefits but thatinvestment will not be easy to come by. The first step is to convince local people that a wrecked environment is not always the inevitable price for industrial development.

Nick Rance

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