Villagers, forests and foresters

The philosophy, process and practice
of community forestry in Nepal

Posted: 1 August 2000

Author: Don Gilmour and Robert Fisher
Sahayogi Press, Kathmandu, 1992
US$15 pb

This is a country case study with far-reaching implications. Nepal in the 1970s was the stage for the "rediscovery" of community forestry by experts from the North. It was also one of the first countries in the world to make a serious attempt to place great importance on people managing forest resources for their own benefit.

The authors have both had a long involvement with the Nepal-Australia forestry project which is a rare combination of sound project design based on the principle of local participation and the humility of project staff. As a result there has been a genuine learning from local people and their environment.

However, the book is more than just a description of the project, more importantly it is an attempt to develop a holistic approach to community forestry - one which will only succeed if there is harmony between humans and nature.

Reviewer: Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud

Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud is head of the WWF International Forest Programme